Jun 7, 2010

"Without Bird, Magic, and MJ", Charles Chace, Painted books wrapped in plastic backed with metal. 8" x 5" - 11" x 8"

The Young MJ, 2010
This series is entitled "Without Bird, Magic, and MJ" and consists of books that have been made obsolete by the application of adhesive tape and paint. The transition from useful to useless through conscious action is addressed by this treatment. The book is also decorated with collage, text, and/or a cassette tape and then concealed in a plastic sheet with metal backing. Connections can be made between the theme of the simple pre-made text: MJ, Magic, and Larry Bird (retired NBA superstars), and the book's present obsolete state. As a parallel and in contrast to these connections, the collage presents questions about its nonsensical relationship with the NBA superstars. The scarce use of sports in contemporary art compounds the nonsensical dialog invented by the convergence of these elements. Culturally understood confrontation between books and athletes is also being addressed. Concealment using plastic creates an otherworldliness and further enhances the feeling of permanent obsolescence. Although the book loses its usefulness as a tool of retrievable records when painted, it gains a folksy characteristic and thus contrasts well with the plastic covering. This new life as a useless aesthetic object could be considered a comment on contemporary art and it's intrinsic value to culture.

LB Tape, 2010

Bird Spaceouts, 2010

MJ Indian, 2010

Bird Orange, 2010

MJ Masha, 2010

Magic No Video, 2010

mj Seascape, 2010

Bird Bobby Owens, 2010

Venomous Tapes, 2010

mj Hockey, 2010

Scotch Larry, 2010