May 24, 2010

Stills of Video Series "My Streets Are Soft" (Tracey Emin Remembered), 2010

The inspiration of this video series centers around an immature and unrealistic desire to elicit artist Tracey Emin's attention.

Through a series of music videos ranging in duration from two to three minutes, I've tried to capture the same mysterious and incoherent dialog that occurs in my drawings and paintings. By using a limited amount of footage, quirky transitions, text, music, and sound effects, these videos pose questions and are meant to provoke emotions about the nature of art and the ridiculous ideas one can have about art.

Each short video is loosely based on traditional song writing structure with repeated clip progressions, chorus, bridges, and turnarounds. A collage is created through the use of unrelated quick image clips juxtaposed with long text flows and long clip transitions. The sound works to balance the random use of imagery with a dynamic range of music, noise, dropout silences, quirky sound effect noises, and the spoken voice of the artist. The images fluctuate between close up costume portraits, sexual situations, distressed film, color shapes, random, and dance. The process of re-recorded images from a television screen gives me the ability to limitlessly distress the image, add analog text, change size within picture frame, and adjust color. This process also allows me to accentuate the absurd inexplicable and nonsensical nature of the video's visual themes.